Chocolate Spread Tasting (4 pack)

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Some people can’t get up from the table without capping off their meal with something sweet. Others like to enjoy a spoonful of their favourite dessert on the sofa, while watching a film or a TV show in the evening.

Some people indulge in a couple of bites while turning the pages of a book. Others sit on the balcony in the summer for a relaxing moment with their favourite biscuits or they can’t wait for Christmas to come around so that they can eat some Panettone. Small temptations we can all indulge in.

Our selection will give you a sweet moment of carefree enjoyment. Whenever you like.

Discover our sweet creams in all their goodness:

- Dark Cream
- Gianduia Cream
- White Chocolate and Pistachio Cream
- Salted Caramel Spread

Visit the individual product pages for all the information.

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